I will update this page when I have more information.


Thank you for visiting this page!  I received so many heartfelt, meaningful and generous donations during the first year of my battle that I felt the need to close my donation sites.

However, if you are driven to donate on my behalf, please consider doing so at Be The Match (link below). Many people with Multiple Myeloma, like myself, must travel to specialists out of state. Some visits may be months long and some may only be days. Flights, gas, hotel stay, food, etc put a very large strain on the pocket book, not to mention deductibles, premiums, and the like. Multiple myeloma, even in remission must be followed weekly by a local doctor.  However, there are some like me that must also be followed every three months for restaging. This means that at least every three months I drive five and a half hours to Little Rock and stay in a hotel for a week.

There are organizations that help with these expenses for the families who’s income cannot, at all, support this lifestyle. I would encourage you to donate to these organizations!  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has many programs that help with travel and co-pay assistance. There are also small, private grants you can find with a little ‘googling’. These donations are tremendously important to thousands of families trying to decide wether to accept the best care, which means life, or be able to pay the family bills and accept a poor prognosis.


To make a very personal difference in lives of people with blood cancers, please go to BeTheMatch to become part of the registry for allogenic transplants.

With all of my heart and soul, thank you for the support!


Love always,

Stephanie Holmberg

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